My Heritage: A Closer Look

My Heritage, along with Ancestry, Geni and FamilySearch among others, is a site where you can build your family tree online and take advantage of digital technology to grow it.

But how does My Heritage support Jewish genealogical research in particular?

My Heritage has many benefits to offer the Jewish Genealogist. As an Israeli company, My Heritage have developed key relationships with organisations such as The Jewish Chronical, JewishGen and Yad Vashem to facilitate access to important record collections. They also have a critical mass of Jewish subscribers and DNA donors, which may increase the chances of you finding matching data. In this video presentation Dani Haski will take you on a tour of My Heritage to uncover the useful tools to help you advance your research.

If you have a question about My Heritage you would like covered in the presentation please write it in the comments section below. Comments will close on April 30. The presentation is planned for mid to late May. Members will be informed when the presentation is available.

7 responses to “ONLINE WORKSHOP

  1. Elizabeth Suggit

    Hu Dan I don’t understand the link between GENI and My Heritage. MH gives prominent Hints re Smart Matches & Instant Discoveries to check on. It seems a lot comes from GENI with the Tree originator not obvious. For newbies it takes a while to realise that the info is not necessarily correct or that you don’t have to download the whole lot. (I think there could be advice to that effect).
    Also can you go into the difference between TREE BUILDER and FAMILY TREE building:
    Also any ideas on translating a Tree in Hebrew (or maybe say, Russian) rather than using VIEWMATE on JewishGen – as it is private info.

  2. Hi
    I am still using Family Tree Maker 2011.
    What advantages does My heritage has to offer me over the system that I have.
    I understand that Family Tree Maker is no longer supported
    Thanks for your help

  3. Thanks for this opportunity to have input to the MyHeritage workshop. I am exploring how I can make my family tree available after my death. I don’t think I will have a ‘genealogy heir’ so I would like to make my tree publicly available ‘in perpetuity’ as it were. I would like an option to transfer my tree from MyHeritage to after death. After I am dead I will no longer be able to pay the annual fees to MyHeritage!

  4. Hi Dani
    My question is :
    I understand that there is a link to find out the list of people who went to Siberia from Poland. Could you, please, publish it?
    IT is my missing link to know where my g’mother went from Warsaw.
    Thank you

  5. Dave Lichtenstein

    I am not really happy with MyHeritage – they seemed to have appropriated all my family information and set up their own tree. And if I want to investigate further they are going to charge me to do that. Well you know what they can do?

    • Hi Dave, It’s not My Heritage that has done that, it’s someone with access to your data. Have a look at who the administrator is of the site with your data and that’s who has published it. My Heritage itself does not control the material, the users do.

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